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Divorce Decree Information

Non Certified Copies:   Plus First Class Postage & Delivery Confirmation
Xerox copies of the original and used for general information purposes records - Not a Legal Document  Clerk's fee is  $2. 25 per page for standard xerox copies of the original. 

Certified Copies    Plus Priority Mail Postage & Delivery Confirmation
Xerox copies of the original along with the raised gold seal from the County Clerk making them Legal Documents to be used for any Legal  purpose such as: Remarriage,  Social Security, Passports, Real Estate  transactions,   If you are needing a copy of your divorce decree, I  strongly advise requesting a Certified Copy.   I cannot be liable or obtaining a Non Certified Decree and then latter you find it should have been a Certified copy for legal purposes afterwards.  You can always make your own xerox copies from the Certified document(s). 

Wayne County Clerk's fee is:  $2 .25 xerox  /  page fee plus $1. 00 per page and $10. 00 for Certification with the Seal.
The Divorce Service is not a fixed rate like the other services I provide.  Just as no two people are alike neither are their divorces decree's as I described in the latter paragraph.   Variation in fees include: The total number of pages required.   Postal delivery confirmation ( First Class mailing versus Priority Mailing ) and Non Certified copies versus Certified copies. Since I do not know the exact cost to quote you, I have had to devise an alternative method.  Your Research Proposal fee quotation will be based on the following four types of copies and postal delivery method.
Divorce Decree Record copy costs are expensive.  One reason, the fee per page levied by the Wayne County Clerk in comparison to other Michigan counties.  Their archaic organizational system is time consuming in locating and viewing the microfilmed divorce files.    A new  policy, for starters is for the original files older than 9 months are pulled to be microfilmed and they charge $1.00 just to look at the record. 

Secondly, depending on the type of decree you need and if chiildren are involved, the pages be up to 5  ( with no  children involved ) and up to 15 pages or better (with children involved) due to property settlement, child support, custody arrangements, pensions, dispersion of assets etc. just to name a few.

Lastly, my Research fee which includes, time, travel and parking fees.  Non Certified  $75.00      Certified $100.00
First Class Mailing with Delivery Confirmation*
Non Certified Divorce Decree -xerox Copies "not considered a legal document" and is based on:
TYPE I  No Children Involved -  average # of pages  ( 5 )
TYPE II  Children Involved - average # of pages ( 15 )

Priority Mailing with Delivery Confirmation*

Certifed Divorce Decree "This is considered a legal document" and is based on:

TYPE III  No Children Involved - average # of pages ( 5 )

TYPE IV  Children Involved - average # of pages ( 15 )

* A refund is issued to you with your mailed document if the total # pages are less than originally quoted.  Conversely, if the total number of pages are more than originally quoted. you will need to send me the additional funds before your documents are released and mailed to you.
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Divorce Decree Fees
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Divorce Decree Fees
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